A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the Ludum Dare #36 competition.

Curator Carl is a puzzle game where you must inspect ancient artifacts that have been delivered to your museum and arrange them in display rooms for the world to see.

Best to read the "How 2 Play" page in the game for a description of the puzzle rules and controls.

Excuse the terrible art, awful soundtrack and some minor missing features that ended up getting cut to get this in on time.

Apart from that, I hope you find some fun with this :)

<WASD> and <Arrow Keys> to move
<Space Bar> To pick up / Drop Artifacts & to smash crates open
<M> to end the day early
<N> to mute the music

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP and run CuratorCarl.exe


CuratorCarl.zip 7 MB

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